partner program

The 2PG MoM™ is an open system platform that allows independent assay developers to create tests for resale or other uses. Partners set their own prices for tests. 2PG manufactures and distributes devices and consumables. Sales revenue is shared with 2PG.

  • 2PG products are not available for purchase at this time. Partners in the developer program are eligible to receive developer kits when they become available.
  • 2PG does not develop tests for its platform.
  • Existing assays can be adapted to 2PG’s platform.
  • Ideal for diagnostic companies with libraries of reagents used on existing centralized lab equipment.
  • 2PG manufacturers and distributes devices and strips that contain third party reagents.


Use existing reagents from legacy platforms

  • Minimal R&D required
  • Repurpose IP portfolio, leveraging prior investments
  • New tests/reagents can also be easily made

Enter new markets

  • Expand into new markets, product categories, or geographies (e.g., China, India, Africa, PoC in developed countries)
  • Avoid cannibalizing existing markets (i.e., reference labs and other existing platforms)
  • Partner assumes very little risk, gets high upside


  • 2PG devices will be used for non-regulated uses as well as regulated ones.
  • Partner responsible for regulatory approval of assay, if required.
  • When an assay is ready for market, the chemical reagents (designed by the partner) are incorporated into 2PG manufacturing process, and strips are sent to master distributors for sale.
  • Partners market and promote their own tests.
  • Sales revenue shared with 2PG – percentage negotiated.


  • Assay developers - creators of reagents that detect molecular targets.
  • Software developers - Developers of apps or other services that analyze data to derive further information, or for presentation purposes.
  • Hardware manufacturers - makers of accessories that complement 2PG technologies, such as sample collection and pre processes, or specialized devices for niche markets, such as networks of automated sensors planted throughout a farm.
  • A partner can enter into multiple agreements.


  • Earlier partners have more domains to choose from
  • More time to develop (or adapt) larger assay menus
  • Gain access to early developer platforms
  • Influence and define product specifications
  • Establish commercialization strategies and channels
  • Early developer products have valuable utility in R&D, RUO, internal uses


  • Test strips are not designed to take direct samples from all possible sources, so sample collection devices may need to be made specifically for certain uses, such as drawing blood, crushing seeds, collecting spoilage. These devices may be custom made by accessory developers and sold to compliment the 2PG test strips.
  • Some samples may require additional preparation before input into test strips - for example, DNA concentration for very low abundance targets (e.g., ctDNA).


  • 2PG devices are not user-specific. People do not personalize devices with unique identifiers. All 2PG devices are anonymous units.
  • Devices communicate data to other authorized devices, including apps on smartphones, the cloud, or other services.
  • Partners can have their own cloud server where they will get streams of data produced by 2PG devices that perform their tests.
  • Partners can create their own apps on remote devices (phone, cloud services, etc.) where user-specific details can be associated with test results. 2PG does not see this data.
  • Software-only developers can also enter into partnerships agreements with 2PG to get access to 2PG’s data and provide services or data to subscribers.
  • Partners can license access to that data to third parties, which is also part of the revenue-sharing portion of 2PG’s partnership agreement.